Get a snapshot of the impact of your daily lifestyle. Compare how much water is used to make a variety of products so that you can choose to reduce your water footprint. For those that want to find out more, the green, blue and grey water footprint shows the source of water consumed and the volume of fresh water required for assimilation of pollutants.
Apple Banana Beef Beer (from barley) Bio-diesel (from soybean) Bio-ethanol (from maize) Bio-ethanol (from sugar beet) Bio-ethanol (from sugar cane) Bread (from wheat) Butter Cabbage Cheese Chicken Meat Chocolate Coffee Cotton Cucumber or Pumpkin Dates Eggs Goat Meat Groundnuts (in shell) Leather (bovine) Lettuce Maize Mango or Guava Milk Milk Powder Olives Orange Pasta (dry) Peach or Nectarine Pizza Margherita Pork Potato Rice Sheep Meat Sugar (from sugar beet) Sugar (from sugar cane) Tea Tomato Wine