Water footprint of production in the United States

A rich dataset for the United States showing the water footprint of production per economic sector at state level and at county level (for some sectors), and distinguishing between surface water footprint and groundwater footprint. The different sectors included are crop production, livestock, aquaculture, mining, thermoelectric power production, and commercial, industrial, and institutional production.

Water footprint of production in the United States at the county, state, and national level (2010-2012)

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Reference: Marston, L., Ao, Y., Konar, M., Mekonnen, M.M. & Hoekstra, A.Y. (2018) High-resolution water footprints of production of the United States, Water Resources Research, 54(3): 2288-2316

Example view of data


Sector with the largest blue water footprint of production in each US county. Source: Marston et al. (2018).