Who we work with

The Water Footprint Network works with governments, companies, investors, researchers and academia, consultants and regional and international organisations and institutions worldwide.

  • We support governments in building the most strategic and meaningful integrated water resources management policies that reduce the risks associated with water scarcity or pollution
  • We work with businesses in exploring what the water footprint means for their company and identifying the most effective strategic actions to engage in meaningful individual and collective actions to improve water use
  • We help investors understand how a corporate water footprint links to business risk and how to promote and lead water stewardship towards risk reduction, resource efficiency and sustainable development
  • We promote civil society as a well-informed partner for business and government in water stewardship and integrated water resources management and governance
  • We work with academia to develop and share knowledge, data, debate and exchange on all Water Footprint Assessment related matters
  • We support consultants by offering a global standard, data, methods, tools and training for carrying out a Water Footprint Assessment
  • We support the United Nations and intergovernmental organisations by offering a platform for international exchange regarding equitable allocation, integrated management and governance of the world’s fresh water resources
  • We collaborate with key external initiatives on water stewardship, governance and disclosure

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