What we do

Working together with, and supported by, our partners, the Water Footprint Network engages companies, investors, research institutes and government agencies in implementing Water Footprint Assessment into their policies, business and in river basins, leading to sustainable development through water stewardship, resource efficiency and governance.

Together with our partners, we developed the Global Water Footprint Standard and are the international leader in Water Footprint Assessment.

We conduct projects demonstrating public and private sector implementation of Water Footprint Assessment and deliver training and capacity building in the Global Water Footprint Standard. We promote knowledge exchange between practitioners, share case studies, and present in international fora worldwide.

We also maintain the global water footprint database, WaterStat and provide a range of water footprint and Water Footprint Assessment, open source, tools and calculators. In addition to directly conducting Water Footprint Assessment studies, our team also provides support to other organisations in conducting their own assessments and verify their results.

We coordinate efforts to further develop and disseminate knowledge on Water Footprint Assessment applications, methods and tools. Our work is based on the latest research, robust data and the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by our team and our partners, making it the most advanced body of work available on the issue.


Since our inception, we have supported companies across sectors in their efforts to ensure the economic efficiency and environmental sustainability of water use in operations, supply chains and river basins. We have assisted government programmes to promote fair and smart water allocation and to implement the policies, regulations and governance necessary to achieve this in river basins worldwide. We also continue to develop public awareness of the impact of our consumption choices and encourage people to take steps to reduce their own water footprint.

Many leading organisations have already benefited from working with us, not only to better understand their water footprint, but to transform that awareness into concrete action to improve it. These studies range from addressing a specific topic, such as the sustainability assessment of the cane sugar supply chain, to large-scale, comprehensive multi-partnership projects or long-term multi-year strategic partnerships, such as the C&A Water Footprint Strategy. Read more about some of our projects.

The Water Footprint Network also promotes capacity building and runs a range of training courses, workshops and webinars, designed for people new to the issue and those ready for a deep dive. Read more about our training and capacity building initiatives.