Training and capacity building

We are passionate about the value of Water Footprint Assessment in transforming the way we use and manage water – from small-scale producers to multi-national companies, from individuals to national governments.

If water use is to sustain thriving communities and nature’s diversity, we need a cadre of professionals who can use Water Footprint Assessment in all the corners of the world. We need them to be working with farmers or in large companies; we need them to be teaching in the schools and within governments. Training professionals so that they can help us achieve sustainable, efficient and equitable water use is one of the core activities of the Water Footprint Network.

We provide a range of training courses, including an online e-learning introduction to Water Footprint Assessment, which is offered periodically throughout the year. We conduct one, two and three-day training courses that are organised with our partners and organisations that have a specific interest in promoting the use of Water Footprint Assessment. We also hold the Global Water Footprint Standard training course annually in the Netherlands.

Participants in our courses are taught by the world’s leading experts in Water Footprint Assessment and will gain experience in using it in a range of applications, from calculating the water footprint of agriculture, industry or domestic water use to identifying the policies, investments and practices that will result in sustainable, efficient and equitable water use. They leave with a solid understanding of how Water Footprint Assessment can be used by companies and governments to achieve water stewardship and integrated water resource management, resource efficiency and green growth.

We also develop tailor-made courses that address specific sectors, geographic locations or water issues.

Prof. Hoekstra and Daniel Chico hold an intensive course on Water Footprint Assessment Methodology & Application, Mexico.

In addition to our training courses, we work within organisations to build their capacity in developing corporate water strategies, regulations or local, regional and national policies based on Water Footprint Assessment and the wealth of information it provides on the current status of water use and management, as well as the improvements that will take us to a sustainable future.

Whether you are a professional of a specific industrial or agriculture business sector, a consultant, a researcher or student, or working for a governmental organisation interested in integrated, sustainable and efficient water management, we invite you to participate in our training activities.

If you would like to understand how a specifically tailored course could benefit your organisation, please contact us.