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List of professionals

Name                                               Affiliation                                                                                 Country                        
Davis, Kyle   Columbia University United States
Konar, Megan   University of Illinois United States
Marston, Landon   Kansas State University United States
Mekonnen, Mesfin   University of Nebraska United States
Nelson, Darrell   Clean Water International United States
Rushforth, Richard   Northern Arizona University United States

List of publications

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Dang Q, Lin X & Konar M (2015) Agricultural virtual water flows within the United States. Water Resources Research, 51(2): 973-986 Find it here

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Ruess, P.J. & Konar, M. (2019) Grain and virtual water storage capacity in the United States. Water Resources Research, 55. Find it here

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Williams R & Al-Hmoud R (2015) Virtual water on the Southern High Plains of Texas: The case of a nonrenewable blue water resource. Natural Resources 6: 27-36. Find it here

Xu, H. & Wu, M. (2018) A first estimation of county-based green water availability and its implications for agriculture and bioenergy production in the United States, Water, 10(2): 148. Find it here

Data for the United States

Infographic United States

Source: Mekonnen, M.M. and Hoekstra, A.Y. (2011) National water footprint accounts: The green, blue and grey water footprint of production and consumption, Value of Water Research Report Series No. 50, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands.

Water footprint of production in the United States

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