Zhang, Guoping

Email: guopingz@hotmail.com

Dr. Guoping Zhang has more than two decades of experience in the field of integrated water resources management (IWRM). He applies his knowledge and expertise to river basin management, water resources development, flood risk management, sustainable water use in agriculture and industries, and water for economy and ecosystem services. Guoping’s professional practices span across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Guoping served the Water Footprint Network from 2010 to 2017, as (Sr.) Project Manager and Programme Director of the Network, and contributed to developing knowledge, competency, and community of the Network. Guoping provided capacity building and trainings on Water Footprint Assessment worldwide, and contributed to dialogues and debates on how Water Footprint can be an instrument to support water management at global and/or local scales, and to achieve water related SDGs. He also had led a number of innovative applications of Water Footprint Assessment to advise governments, companies, financial institutions, and NGOs to develop their sustainable water strategies.

Selected publications

Hoekstra, A.Y., Chapagain, A.K. & Zhang, G.P. (2016) Water footprints and sustainable water allocation, Sustainability, 8(1): 20. Find it here

Miguel-Ayala, L., van Eupen, M., Zhang, G.P., Pérez-Soba, M., Martorano, L.G. Lisboa, L. S, and Beltrao, N.E. (2016). Impact of agricultural expansion on water footprint in the Amazon under climate change scenarios, Science of the Total Environment, 569-570: 1159-1173. Find it here

Zhang, G.P., Hoekstra, A.Y. & Mathews, R.E. (2013) Water footprint assessment (WFA) for better water governance and sustainable development, Water Resources and Industry, 1-2: 1-6. Find it here