Singh, Ranvir

Ranvir Singh

Ranvir is Associate Professor in Environmental Hydrology & Soil Science at Massey University, New Zealand. He specializes in environmental hydrology and water productivity and footprinting sciences.

Ranvir contributed in the WFN’s Grey Water Footprint & Response Strategy Technical Working Groups. He served as a member of the Standards NZ International Review Group on Life Cycle Assessment, New Zealand representative on the ISO 14046 “Water Footprint: Requirements and Guidelines” Working Group, from 2010-18. He also served a member of the FAO LEAP Technical Advisory Group on Water Footprinting, in development of the LEAP guidelines for water use assessment of livestock production systems and supply chains.

Ranvir has a PhD in Environmental Sciences (2005) from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He has gained significant knowledge and experience while working on various water management projects at different scales in India, USA, Australia, Chile, Indonesia and New Zealand.