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Nouri Hamideh
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My research interest has covered the broad range of water engineering and management, water footprint – water productivity and precision irrigation using field-based and modelling approaches, and application of RS & GIS in water accounting of urban greenery and agricultural farmlands. I was fortunate to work in academia and industry as research scientist and consultant in different geographical and climate settings including Germany, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Iran.

My current projects are GRoW GlobeDrought (2017-2020); A global-scale tool for characterising droughts and quantifying their impact on water resources, and WaPor (2016-2019); the FAO portal (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) to monitor water productivity through open access of remotely sensed derived data. The outcomes of these projects are action frameworks to achieve sustainable food security while saving water resources in the watershed, national and global scales.

Selected publications

Berger, M., Campos, J., Carolli, M., Dantas, I., Kosatica, E., Kramer, A., Mikosch, N., Nouri, H., Schlattmann, A., Schmidt, F., Scomberg, A., Semmling, E., Advancing the water footprint into an instrument to support achieving the SDGs – Recommendations from the Global Resource Water (GRoW) research initiative, Water Resource Management, 2021.

Nouri, H., Stokvis, B., Chavoshi, S., Galindo, A., Brugnach, M., Blatchford, M., Alaghmand, S., Hoekstra, A.Y. Reduce blue water scarcity and increase nutritional and economic water productivity through changing the cropping pattern in a catchment, Journal of Hydrology, 2020,

Nouri, H., Chavoshi S., Hoekstra, A.Y. The blue water footprint of urban green spaces: An example for Adelaide, Australia, Landscape and Urban Planning, 2019, 190-103690.

Nouri, H., Stokvis, B., Galindo, A., Blatchford, M. & Hoekstra, A.Y. (2019) Water scarcity alleviation through water footprint reduction in agriculture: The effect of soil mulching and drip irrigation, Science of the Total Environment, 653: 241–252. Find it here