Navarro Quesada, Carlos

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I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering and
Management. In 2010, I joined the ZERO EMISSIONS TECHNOLOGIES (ABENGOA) team as an R&D technician, where I carried out research on the water footprint of solar energy and bioenergy, I worked on the implementation of Geographic Information Systems software (SIGs) in the department’s projects, and I analyzed the GHG emissions balance of a potential carbon sink product (biochar) for agricultural use.

In 2013 I arrived at ECOTERRAE, where I am currently Technical Director of the company. In addition, I am carrying out the management of 200 projects in the spanish voluntary carbon market, and I am part of the Department of Environmental Footprints, where I carry out carbon footprint, water footprint and life cycle analysis calculations for companies, products, services and events.