Ibidhi, Ridha

Ridha Ibidhi
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I’m an agricultural engineer and PhD in agronomic sciences from the National Institute of Agronomic research of Tunisia. I’m expert in the assessment of the water footprint and water productivity of livestock and agricultural products. I’m interested in studying the interaction between livestock farming systems and freshwater resources mainly in water scarce regions and how to improve the water use efficiency of meat and milk. Further, I’m interested in assessing the trad-off between footprint indicators (water, carbon, land and energy) of the livestock products. Currently, I’m in research stay in Bangor University, the Uk, where I’m working on the definition of simulation scenarios for a sustainable transition from a pasture-based farming system to an intensive system in Costa Rica and the Uk “produce more food with less resources”.

Selected publications

Ibidhi, R., Hoekstra A.Y., Gerbens-Leenes P.W. and Chouchane, H. (2017) Water, land and carbon footprints of sheep and chicken meat produced in Tunisia under different farming systems, Ecological Indicators, 77: 304-313. Find it here