Galindo, Alejandro


Dr. Alejandro Galindo has been studying how to reduce the Water Footprint of agricultural crops in climate change future scenarios at Water Management Group in Twente University, after having spent his research career at CEBAS-CSIC (Spain), at Institute for Plant & Food Research (New Zealand) and at Ghent University (Belgium).

Alejandro has shown special interest on raising the water productivity in agriculture. For this purpose, he focuses his research on emerging crops adapted to semiarid climates, i) optimizing the use of deficit irrigation strategies and ii) studying plant ecophysiology as a tool to understand the underlying mechanisms of the plant in response to water stress conditions.

In this sense, It should be noted that Alejandro has established the mechanisms of resistance to the drought of important species for its adaptation to water stress conditions and with promising potential, as an alternative to traditional major crops, in future conditions of climate change.