Fang, Kai


Dr. Kai Fang got his B.S. from Zhejiang University in 2009, M.S. from Jilin University in 2011, and Ph.D. from Leiden University in 2015. He is currently working as the deputy director of Environmental & Energy Policy Center in Zhejiang University. He has published 4 books and 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (IF=9.184), Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (IF=8.302), Applied Energy (IF=7.900) and Environmental Science & Technology (IF=6.653). His paper on a conceptual framework for the Footprint Family, for instance, has been cited by Science and other journals for over 150 times. He has been the director of several research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Scholarship Council and the Japan Foundation. He is also serving in various scientific communities and holding positons in a number of research projects. He has been playing an active role in reviewing and editing journal articles. He is now the member of the editorial board of Journal of Cleaner Production, and reviewers for Nature, Nature Communications, Nature Sustainability and other international journals.

Selected publications

Fang, K., Zhang, Q., Yu, H., Wang, Y., Dong, L. & Shi, L. (2018) Sustainability of the use of natural capital in a city: Measuring the size and depth of urban ecological and water footprints, Science of the Total Environment, 631: 476-484. Find it here

Fang, K., Song, S., Heijungs, R., de Groot, S., Dong, L., Song, J. & Wiloso, E.I. (2016) The footprint’s fingerprint: On the classification of the footprint family, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 23: 54-62. Find it here

Fang, K., Heijungs, R. & De Snoo, G.R. (2015) Understanding the complementary linkages between environmental footprints and planetary boundaries in a footprint–boundary environmental sustainability assessment framework, Ecological Economics, 114: 218-226. Find it here

Fang, K., Heijungs, R., Duan, Z. & de Snoo, G.R. (2015) The environmental sustainability of nations: Benchmarking the water, carbon and land footprints with allocated planetary boundaries, Sustainability, 7(8): 11285-11305.Find it here

Fang, K., Heijungs, R. & De Snoo, G.R. (2014) Theoretical exploration for the combination of the ecological, energy, carbon, and water footprints: Overview of a footprint family, Ecological Indicators, 36: 508-518. Find it here