Cunningham, William

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Currently undertaking a MSc in Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial College London. The program focusses on the interdisciplinary skills required in business on issues relating to sustainability and climate change. The program is jointly delivered by Imperial Business School and the Grantham Institute.

Chartered Accountant with EY Edinburgh. Previously worked with a UK commercial bank to provide a geospatial flood analysis on the commercial and personal lending book. The project aimed to understand the bank’s exposure to flood risk and provide an estimated write-down value based on various 2040 RCP scenarios in response to the Bank of England’s proposed Climate Change Stress Testing.

Looking to develop my understanding of electric engines’ supply-chain and end-to-end lifecycle water footprint. Seeking to determine whether the sourcing and industrial manufacture of the components making up electric engines are environmentally friendly, or if the current use of rare-metals are simply displacing fossil fuels.