Chapagain, Ashok Kumar


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Ashok Chapagain is experienced in managing and coordinating international and interdisciplinary projects ensuring technical quality and project delivery. He has expertise with specific water related experience in the fields of Integrated Water Resources Management, Water Footprint Assessment, industrial and agricultural efficiency and sustainability, irrigation, hydrology and watershed modelling, flood risk management, river basin planning and management, and environmental impact assessment. He helped develop the concept of Water Footprint since its inception, co-authoring the ‘Water Footprint Assessment Manual’ used globally as the standard. He worked as Science direct at Water Footprint Network for 5 years and currently serves as the member of Supervisory Board of WFN. Prior to joining WFN, he worked with WWF-UK for 5 years as Senior Water Advisor. Currently he is working at the capacity of Senior Professor at University of Free State in South Africa.

Selected publications

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