Budniewski, Nicholas

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As senior copywriter and for a plant-based milk company, I have been privileged to meaningfully apply my lifelong concern for our water resources. From a young age, any observation of thirst — plant, animal, or human — would trigger an illusion of the same; a sort of empathy which made me believe that, of all causes in this world, water might be mine. With Elmhurst 1925, I have taken leadership in conceptually developing and directing Mission Transition. We are building a coalition of companies and consumers with the singular goal of shifting animal product (particularly beef and dairy) consumption to comparably nutritional plant-based alternatives. In my research, water has emerged as perhaps the most consequential reason for change. While not a water scholar, I have self-educated and specialize in delivering information and inspiration to a mass audience with a unique stylistic alliance of urgency, intelligence, and humor. I hold a Bachelors in History and two Masters degrees.