Aldaya, Maite


Maite Aldaya is a researcher at the Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development in the Food Chain (IS-FOOD) of the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) and associate researcher at the Water Observatory.

Maite has a PhD in Environmental Biology and MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has worked in several international organizations (UNEP, UN-Water, UNOPS and FAO) and developed her research on water accounting, footprint and efficiency at different organizations, such as the University of Twente (Netherlands), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and Technical University of Madrid (Spain).

Selected publications

Aldaya, M.M., Rodriguez, C.I, Fernandez-Poulussen, A., Beriain, M.J. & Llamas, R. (2020) Grey water footprint as an indicator for diffuse nitrogen pollution: The case of Navarra, Spain, Science of the Total Environment 698:134338. Find it here.

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Mekonnen, M.M., Pahlow, M., Aldaya, M.M., Zarate, E. and Hoekstra, A.Y. (2015) Sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water consumption and pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean, Sustainability, 7(2): 2086-2112. Find it here

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