Follow a training or course

To further the water footprint concept, partners may organize courses and trainings on the topic. Some are in-person, others are online, depending on the partner preference. If a training or course is coming up, we will announce it on our Events.

If no training or course is listed on the Events page, please come back at a later time, and subscribe to our newsletter (we will announce any upcoming Events in the newsletter as well)

Among recurring courses are:

  • Online e-learning introduction to Water Footprint Assessment, which is offered periodically throughout the year.
  • One, two and three-day training courses that are organised with our partners and organisations that have a specific interest in promoting the use of Water Footprint Assessment.

Prof. Hoekstra and Daniel Chico hold an intensive course on Water Footprint Assessment Methodology & Application, Mexico.

So whether you are a professional of a specific industrial or agriculture business sector, a consultant, a researcher or student, or working for a governmental organisation interested in integrated, sustainable and efficient water management, we hope so see you in one of our trainings or courses.