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Many leading businesses and governments have already benefited from joining our community and collaborating with us to accelerate their progress towards water stewardship and sustainable development. Join the Water Footprint Network as a partner and you will join others devoted to helping eachother achieve fair and smart water use, worldwide.

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Follow a training or course

To further the water footprint concept, partners may organize courses and trainings on the topic. Are you a professional of a specific industrial or agriculture business sector, a consultant, a researcher or student, or working for a governmental organisation interested in integrated, sustainable and efficient water management? Check here if a training or course of your liking is coming up.

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Career opportunities

If WFN or its partner organisations have vacancies requiring water footprint expertise, we will announce them here.

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We firmly believe that our resources and knowledge should be made available to everyone without cost. Help us secure clean fresh water long into the future with your donation.

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