WFN partner 'made blue' nominated for Sprout Challenger50

New start up listed as one of fifty of the most challenging, innovative companies in the Netherlands.

Water Footprint Network partner, 'made blue ', has been nominated for this year’s Sprout Challenger50: a list of fifty of the most challenging, innovative companies in the Netherlands.

'Made blue’ matches the water used or saved by companies, products or services by creating
clean drinking water in developing countries: 1 litre for 1 litre. The water needed to make
products such as soap and clothing and for services is made available in the same quantities in developing countries.

'Made blue’ establishes the water footprint of a product or service then uses Water Footprint Network’s data to calculate the donation needed to mirror the water footprint with clean water elsewhere. Every euro donated to 'made blue’ results in 5,000 litres of clean water in developing countries: enough to supply 5 children with sufficient water and hygiene for one school year.

“Companies tell us that, by partnering with 'made blue’ they gain valuable insight into their water footprint and enhance their brand value, whilst contributing positively to the availability of drinking water elsewhere in the world: every time you enjoy a hotel stay or a fresh orange juice, 'made blue’ simultaneously ensures as many litres of clean water are made available elsewhere,” said founding partner, Machiel van Dooren.

Water projects are implemented by international charity organisations, such as World Vision
and Amref Flying Doctors, who install bore holes, pipelines and filter systems.