Water Footprint Network launches new research alliance

Today, at World Water Congress XV in Edinburgh, the Water Footprint Network and partners launched the Water Footprint Research Alliance, a new initiative to advance research and facilitate collaboration in the field of Water Footprint Assessment and sustainable water use.

“Advancements in research and knowledge in water footprint are at an all time high. To reduce our collective footprint as fast as possible, we need our brightest minds to come together and rethink how we use water. The new Research Alliance will tap innovation, accelerate progress and help channel us towards the united, global response we need to meet today’s water resource challenges using Water Footprint Assessment,” said Dr. Ashok Chapagain, Science Director, Water Footprint Network.

As the global leader in Water Footprint Assessment, the Water Footprint Network is forming the Water Footprint Research Alliance to draw together researchers and expand knowledge on the drivers and consequences of water scarcity and pollution in order to transform the way we use and share fresh water within earth’s limits.

Professor Arjen Hoekstra, father of the water footprint concept, and one of the launching partners of the new Research Alliance on behalf of the University of Twente said: “Frequent droughts, increasing water scarcity and deteriorating water quality levels, combined with increasing demand for fresh water resources, uncertainties due to the effects of climate change and advancement of new knowledge have ignited global interest in the concept of water footprint. Better understanding of the complexity of wise water governance and the links between water, food and energy security is urgently needed”.

The alliance will identify knowledge gaps, co-ordinate and promote areas of research and support knowledge sharing to accelerate progress towards sustainable water use. The Water Footprint Network will co-ordinate the alliance and use the results to provide companies, governments, small-scale producers and individuals with the most strategic insights into their water use and the most effective, science-based practical advice to make their water footprint sustainable.

Find out more about the Water Footprint Research Alliance here.