Levi Strauss uses process for 100 percent recycled water

Clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss now has a process for using 100 percent recycled water in parts of its production.

According to The Guardian newspaper, the company claims it is the first in the industry to use a new water recycling standard that reduces the impact on fresh water resources. The process is being used in one of the its Chinese factories, which bleaches, dyes and stone washes garments.

The factory, located in southern China, worked with Levi Strauss to engineer a system to pipe 100% recycled water into an industrial laundry machine used for finishing one of its jeans lines. Some 100,000 pairs have now been produced with the new technology.

The process is still in the testing phases, but the goal is to eventually use 100 percent recycled water to finish a broader range of Levi Strauss products at factories in other parts of the world.

Levi Strauss says it hopes the standard will help other apparel brands and retailers increase their use of recycled water and reduce industry effluent.