Korean language version of the Global Water Footprint Assessment Manual launched

The Water Footprint Network has launched a Korean language version of the ‘Global Water Footprint Assessment Manual – Setting the Global Standard’ at the 7th World Water Forum, the largest international event to advance solutions to the world’s water crises.

The manual, first published in English in February 2011, lays out a scientifically credible and internationally accepted methodology for conducting a Water Footprint Assessment. It makes all water footprints comparable and clearly demonstrates how individuals, companies and nations can quantify their contribution to water use conflicts and environmental degradation in river basins around the world.

“We are delighted that this world-class resource is now available for all Korean language speakers. We invite you to use it to find out about the water consumption and pollution caused by our water uses and how we each can take steps to make our water footprint sustainable,” said Ruth Mathews, Executive Director of the Water Footprint Network.

Developed through a joint effort of the Water Footprint Network, its worldwide partners and scientists of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, The Water Footprint Assessment Manual: Setting the Global Standard was founded on a decade of research. Since publication, it has been applied and tested around the world across many sectors – leading companies, investors and government agencies – as a basis for policies and business strategies that lead to sustainable development through water stewardship, resource efficiency and governance.

“As the pressure we put on freshwater resources mounts, it is more important than ever before that we use the standard in all sectors and in all river basins to inform concrete, strategic actions that ensure our collective water footprint is sustainable,” added Mathews.

For a copy of the manual, click here.