Just published! "Water Footprint Assessment: A Business Guide"

Ashok Chapagain, Science Director at the Water Footprint Network and David Tickner, Chief Freshwater Adviser at WWF-UK have written a must read guide for any business wanting to become a good water steward.

Written in clear language and with high scientific integrity, this is a concise and comprehensive digest of emerging concepts, tools and arguments around water footprint approaches.

As business risks associated with water intensify, many corporate sustainability professionals are seeking practical tools to help them understand and assess these risks. This definitive, short guide:

· distils the latest in scientific and policy literature
· helps sustainability leaders understand what they can, and can’t, do with water footprint tools
· includes practical experience and case studies
· outlines the pros and cons of using Water Footprint Assessment and similar approaches.

To get a copy of the book click here.