IHG ® celebrates World Water Week with update on global water stewardship programme

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, celebrated
World Water Week by providing detail on the progress made with its leading global water stewardship programme, as well as a number of other water-related initiatives.

In partnership with Water Footprint Network, IHG has mapped its global estate of more than 5,000 open properties and the majority of its pipeline hotels against risks related to both water quantity and water quality. Together, we have also identified the actions needed to address these risks.

IHG first announced its global water stewardship programme last year. The company has committed to reduce its water use by 12% per occupied room in water stressed regions by 2017. The work completed represents the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive water risk assessment to date. It provides the foundation for IHG to develop tailored water stewardship action plans for each individual hotel, with consideration given to the maturity of the property, the type and level of risk and the business case for tackling it.

The targeted actions will ultimately enable hotels to manage and mitigate water risk,
by measuring and monitoring water usage, improving their water performance and resilience against local water challenges and engaging staff, guests and external stakeholders in water stewardship.

Paul Snyder, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility – Environmental Sustainability, IHG, commented: “We have a presence in nearly 100 countries, so addressing water usage across our more than 5,000 hotels presents a significant environmental and economic
opportunity for both IHG and the communities in which we operate. The comprehensive analysis we have developed with Water Footprint Network puts us in a strong position to empower our
hotels to make a positive difference in their local communities through water stewardship.”

Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network, commented:“Working closely with IHG, we have laid the foundations to transform the way its hotels use water and impact local water resources. With this work completed, IHG is poised to take a leadership position in implementing water stewardship across its global portfolio. As we tackle the specific challenges its hotels face at a local level, we look forward to applying our
deep insights and taking the next steps in IHG’s journey towards water sustainability.

IHG has also played a leading role in the development of the HWMI, the first ever standardised water measurement tool for the hotel industry.