Blog: Water Footprint Network launches new Strategic Plan 2016-2020

By Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network

Since becoming Executive Director of Water Footprint Network five years ago, the issue of sustainable water use has transformed from a concern of experts into a global priority. Today, it’s widely understood that we must rethink the way in which we use and manage water to meet the needs of our growing population and to adapt to our changing climate.
In preparing the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, we gathered together the experiences of our first years of operation, carefully reviewed the lessons we have learned and assessed what is uniquely ours to contribute in the rapidly changing landscape of water sustainability.

The plan describes our vision for change in light of the escalating frequency and severity of water problems and sets out our aims, principles, plans and priorities for the next five years. It defines the future direction for the organisation as we accelerate progress toward fair and smart use of the world’s fresh water.

In the coming five years we will:

  • Strengthen the multi-stakeholder Network;
  • Increase water footprint awareness amongst companies, governments and citizens;
  • Influence policy and practice through uptake of Water Footprint Assessment; and
  • Fortify scientific foundation of local and global change.

We have designed this plan to guide our work and also as an invitation to work with us. I’ve been heartened to see that a large number of organisations are responding to the growing water challenges, many of which share our vision of a world where fresh water sustains thriving communities and nature’s diversity. At the heart of our strategy lies the value we place in collaboration with others. We open the door wide to those who’d like to join us in achieving our mutual aims and provide new avenues through which we can engage with each other.

This marks an important moment in the history of Water Footprint Network as we evolve from a newly founded organisation to an enduring institution with a wealth of experience amongst its staff, Supervisory Board and partners. We embark on these next five years with enthusiasm and feel confident that, together with you, we will look back in 2020 to the successes we have had in delivering science-based practical solutions to the world’s escalating water crises.

As Ryunosuke Satoro said:

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Please read more about our strategy here.