AquaPath launches water awareness platform

New water footprint tools, trainings and tests available!

AquaPath has just launched an awareness raising campaign on water footprint. Water Footprint Network has been working with this project for the past year to help empower European citizens to use water more responsibly.

The campaign, which is funded by the European Programme Erasmus Plus, aims to encourage everyone in Europe to:

• Reduce their direct water consumption;
• Change their consumption habits by using less water intensive products
• Apply pressure on brands and manufacturers so they alter their processes and offer products with sustainable water footprints.

A new web platform has been launched that features a new set of water footprint calculators, along with a series of trainings and tests so that you can learn more about water. It also features a tool that lets you report local water issues.

All information and tools are available in multiple languages.

Download the Aquapath project’s leaflet for children here. More resources for children will be available soon.


Find out more about the campaign and use its resources here.