The Network

The world’s water challenges can only be solved by working together – governments, business, communities – and sharing knowledge, tools and innovations to accelerate the move toward sustainable, efficient and equitable water use. We bring together a network of organisations that are concerned about growing water scarcity and increasing water pollution levels and their impacts on people and nature.

Our valued partners represent leaders from all sectors – producers, investors, suppliers and regulators – as well as non-governmental organisations and academia who can help us advance more quickly by sharing learning and keeping up to date with the latest information.

Water Footprint Network distinguishes two types of partnership: Professionals and Partners. Professionals are individuals who are active in research, consulting, policy or in any other capacity related to water footprint action. Partners are organizations – be it academic, governmental, NGO, corporate or international organizations – that have are involved in water footprint action, that endorse our mission and support our activities.

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As a Water Footprint Network sponsoring partner, we fully endorse the Global Water Footprint Standard and the work of the Water Footprint Network. The studies we've done with them have provided us with valuable insights that will help us to further reduce our water footprint along the entire value chain.

Philip Chamberlain, Head of Sustainable Business Development – C&A; Europe