Water Security Forum Findhorn

Having a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal (Number 6: Clean Water and Sanitation) demonstrates the key importance of water security in our transition to a sustainable global economy. Evaluation of global water management and use however is still a long way from the scientific standards applied in the measurement of such metrics as CO2 emissions; water is still primarily a lived experience and this is where climate risk is most obvious, not in hard data. Connecting our own experience of nature and reaching an understanding of the interconnected whole of our ecosystem will be a vital first step towards prioritising personal action to encourage sustainable approaches to water use in our organisations.
It is essential we share the vision and leadership already being demonstrated by the sector leaders in order to encourage corporate strategy that recognises the importance of protecting water sources and evaluating the sustainability of our reliance on limited resources.The short-term vision of the convenors is for this event to focus the corporate, investment and environmental sectors on the threat posed by water security, the measures we need to take to mitigate this threat, and the current systemic obstructions to sustainable water use.

The long-term vision is to continue to facilitate productive partnerships and networking opportunities for the corporate as well as the climate finance sectors and activist sectors in new surroundings, such as the Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability, so that new thinking can be nurtured and applied.

Rick Hogeboom will attend the workshop on behalf of WFN.

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