Presentation @ UNEP-DHI Webinar: Source-to-Sea

15th August 2017 15:00 CEST

Water Footprint Network will present at 'Overviews and approaches to Source-to-Sea’ as part of a UNEP-DHI webinar entitled 'Approaches to assessment, tracking and modelling the Source-to-Sea interactions’, which will explore cross-disciplinary connections to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)6 on fresh water and SDG14 on oceans.

The Source-to-Sea webinar series aims to highlight the importance of understanding the cross-disciplinary connections to achieve these two goals, and the value of integrating efforts to reduce negative effects and maximize potential benefits, where feasible. It will frame the issues and policy options, review some of the most widely used management approaches and explore how they could better be applied to take account of the Source-to-Sea continuum.

Registration will open soon here.

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