Understanding the Globalization of Water

Water Footprint Network's Executive Director, Ruth Mathews, will present 'Cotton from India, Coffee from Colombia, Soy from Brazil: Understanding the Globalization of Water'.

We face ever-increasing concerns about food security, climate change, disparity between rich and poor and our ability to meet the needs of a global population exceeding 9 billion. With more than 3 billion people living with water scarcity, degraded water quality impinging on people’s access to clean drinking water and over 90% of the world’s water consumption being for agriculture, the way we use water is a central concern for sustainable development.

Understanding our water footprint, where it lands and whether it is sustainable, efficient and equitable is key to our becoming responsible global citizens. Looking forward to a future where clean fresh water is shared fairly within nature’s limits requires us to face tough questions, consider tradeoffs and take action now.

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