How to change the world: Reducing humanity's water footprint

Now in its second year, the how to: Academy Conference on “How To Change the World” will be held on the 1st December 2015 at the Royal Institution.

Themes covered will include: The Future in 15 years, Driverless Vehicles, Hunting for Alien Life, Fixing a Broken Heart , Quantum Materials, Psychedelic Drugs, Fusion Energy, Living to 100, Technology at Work:The Future of Employment, Bio-Inspired Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, the Universe filled with Ghostly Particles, Perfect Information: Satellite Imaging, Cybersecurity, Reducing Humanity’s Water Footprint and The Science and Ethics of Genome Editing.

Moderated by Matthew Taylor, the Chief Executive of the RSA, it will feature 16 world class scientists and technologists from the Oxford Martin School, Cambridge University, Imperial College, the Weizmann Institute and the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam, with a keynote talk on the Future by Professor Ian Goldin from the Oxford Martin School.

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