Global Water Footprint Standard Training Course

9th – 12th June, 2015: The Netherlands.

Our flagship four-day course, taught by the top global experts in Water Footprint Assessment, is the highlight of our training agenda.

Participants will learn about the latest innovations in water footprint research and application. You will gain experience in using Water Footprint Assessment in a range of applications, from calculating the water footprint of agriculture, industry or domestic water use at all scales, to assessing its sustainability, and using these results to identify the priority strategic actions for companies, governments, non-profit organisations and individuals. A session on the ISO 14046 standard and its relationship with Global Water Footprint Standard will be included.

This course is valuable for everyone involved in water and environmental resources management. Taught in an interactive way, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and personalised attention.

Please read more about this event here.