Amsterdam International Water Week

Amsterdam International Water Week, Amsterdam Rai, 2nd- 6th November 2015

Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) aims to connect industry, science, business, policy and technology sectors in order to explore opportunities for more sustainable use of water resources.

Water Solutions for a Sustainable Textile Industry

Tuesday 3rd November 2015, Room G107, Time: 16.00 – 17.20

Hosted by Water Footprint Network and Netherlands Water Partnership, this workshop will bring together a variety of global networks including water technology suppliers, fashion brands and factory owners from several textile hubs all over the world. Participants will share experiences and approaches to sustainable water use in the textile industry, one of the world’s most water intensive industries.

Speakers include: Dr. Ertug Ercin, Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) Project Manager, Water Footprint Network; Mohan Seneviratne, PaCT Program Manager, International Finance Corporation; and Faruque Hassan, Senior Vice President, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association. Read more about this session here.

Sustainable Water Management and Stewardship in the Mining Industry

Wednesday 4th November 2015, Room G107, Time: 10.05 – 11.25

The mining industry exerts a lot of pressure on freshwater reserves in many countries and is responsible for the deterioration of water quality in many important rivers and reservoirs. Coupled with poor state water management strategies, this has created the conditions for conflicts. These conditions, along with increased competition for water and climate change, put the sector at high risk.

Hosted by Water Footprint Network and Netherlands Water Partnership, this workshop will bring together water technology suppliers, mining companies, consultants, finance, investment and government representatives from intensive mining regions all over the world for presentations and round table discussions on water stewardship within the sector.

Speakers include: Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network; Andrew Steer, CEO World Resource Institute; and Harm Duel, Senior Researcher & Ground Water Specialist, Deltares. Read more about this session here.

Industrial Leaders Forum: Industrial Water Pathways in a Circular Economy

Wednesday 4th November 2015, Room G107, Time: 14.25 – 17.20

This year’s Industrial Leaders Forum (ILF) aims to facilitate discussion and debate around the theme of the Circular Economy leading to the development of ‘Industrial Water Pathways in a Circular Economy’ framework. Keynote speaker: Geoff Gage, Partner McKinsey & Company and leader of McKinsey’s global Water service line.

As part of this, ILF will host five round table discussions round table on next-generation moves for water-system management. 75 leading, cross sector professionals will discuss the changes required in water system management over the next ten years to meet the water-resource challenge and forward a new circular perspective on water management.

Round Table Discussion: Basin management
Water Footprint Network will moderate discussion on next generation moves for water-system management and improved water balance of river basins. It will include discussion on water allocation and aims to further understanding of geographic river catchment, tailored catchment site action plans, collaboration and transparency.
Read more about AIWW here or read the Industrial Water Programme Leaflet here.
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