Amsterdam International Water Week

30th October - 3rd November 2017

Call for examples of approaches to water challenges and solutions!

Deadline for submissions: 31st March 2017

Submit your case here.

This year, AIWW is inviting representatives of cities, industries, utilities and international institutions to submit examples of their approaches to water cases e.g., how a city is tackling specific water challenges, how an industry is working to reduce its water footprint or how a region is promoting new techniques to increase agricultural yield with less water. It is also looking for examples of solutions e.g., a game-changing innovation, an in-depth analyses, a best practice or model, or a new scientific insight.

AIWW intends to address water challenges faced by cities, water utilities and industry and frame them in the context of the emerging themes of resilience and the circular economy. It aims to do so by ‘matching’ each case with suitable international experts, solutions providers and leaders in order to encourage dialogue that will enrich knowledge and identify actual breakthrough opportunities to help each case advance towards solutions.

The conference will focus on 4 main world challenges in water management:
1. Water efficiency and Value
2. Water management and Resilience
3. Institutional transition and Governance
4. Innovative water system implementations

Water Footprint Network is helping to organise this conference and encourages partners to submit water cases and solutions.