15th IWRA International World Water Congress

25th-29th May 2014: Edinburgh, Scotland

In spite of its relevance in terms of security, water is often not regarded as a key determinant for development, absent from many political agendas. This congress seeks to explore Global Water as a resource for economic, social and environmental development.

Tuesday 26th May 14.45 – 18.15, Lammermuir

Water Footprint Network will convene a special session on “Water Footprint Assessment: A new frontier in water resource management”. In addressing the water challenges of the 21st century, a holistic approach is needed that takes into account the hidden linkages between water use and human consumption patterns. Examining the interdependencies between different sectors of economies helps formulate strategic actions and contributes to the development of effective, integrated policies that can lead to long-term sustainability of fresh water use and management, both locally and globally. Water Footprint Assessment has been proven to be key in this debate.

Co-conveners: Beijing Forestry University (China); NWAFU (Northwestern A&F University, China); University of Twente (The Netherlands); Botin Foundation (Spain); University of Free State (South Africa).

Please read more about this event here.

NEW! Water Footprint Research Alliance

During our special session, we will hold a kick off meeting to launch our brand new Water Footprint Research Alliance.

The new Research Alliance will act as a catalyst to accelerate progress in research and collaboration in the field of Water Footprint Assessment and sustainable water use. By drawing together researchers, promoting areas of new research and expanding knowledge on the drivers and consequences of water scarcity and pollution, it will help guide us towards the united, global response we need to meet today’s water resource challenges, using Water Footprint Assessment.

The Water Footprint Network will co-ordinate the alliance and apply the results to further advancements in Water Footprint Assessment, providing companies, governments, small-scale producers and individuals with the most strategic insights into their water use and the most effective, practical advice to make their water footprint sustainable.

We invite all of our partners attending the World Water Congress XV to come along and join us at the launch meeting!

We also invite all scientific and academic partners who can contribute to the advancement of Water Footprint Assessment research to contact us about getting involved in the new alliance here.