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The Water Footprint Assessment Tool


The Water Footprint Assessment Tool is a free online web application that provides clear insight into how water is appropriated for human uses and the impacts resulting from those uses.

It assists companies, governments, NGOs, investors, consultants, researchers and others to calculate and map the water footprint, assess its sustainability and identify strategic actions to improve the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water use.

The Water Footprint Assessment Tool is being developed by the Water Footprint Network, in collaboration with the University of Twente. Bringing together the internationally recognized Global Water Footprint Standard and the most comprehensive, global water footprint database – WaterStat – as well as user-provided data, the Water Footprint Assessment Tool allows you to complete either a geographic or production assessment and provides results based on sound methods and best available data.

The geographic assessment allows you to:

  • Explore in detail the water footprint in a river basin
  • Assess the sustainability of the water footprint in this basin
  • Identify ways to reduce the water footprint in the basin

The production assessment allows you to:

  • Quantify and map the operational and supply-chain water footprint of a facility or the water footprint of a product that can be specified by yourself
  • Assess the sustainability of your facility’s or product’s water footprint
  • Identify ways to reduce the water footprint of your facility or product

The Water Footprint Assessment Tool is in continuous development as research is completed and new data are available and to better serve the full range of users who can benefit from the tool. We hugely appreciate your feedback on the tool. Contact us here.

Water Footprint Assessment Tool Development Team:

Michiel van Heek, Guoping Zhang, Ruth Mathews and Ashok Chapagain (Water Footprint Network), Arjen Hoekstra and Mesfin Mekonnen (University of Twente).

Funding provided by:

DEG – Deutsche Investitions – und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, International Finance Corporation, Unilever and C&A.

Sounding Board:

Stuart Orr (World Wildlife Fund for Nature), Brian Richter (The Nature Conservancy), Ute Sudmann and Jens Hoenerhoff (DEG), Bastiaan Mohrmann and Sabrina Birner (International Finance Corporation), Donna Jefferies (Unilever), Alexis Morgan (Alliance for Water Stewardship), Jason Morrison (Pacific Institute).

Usability and design by:

Rian Spekle (Enigeen).

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National water footprint explorer

When considering the water footprint of a particular country, we can consider both the water footprint of production and of consumption. To learn about the water footprint of all the products consumed by the people living in a country have a look at the National Water Footprint Explorer.

The water footprint of national consumption is the total amount of fresh water that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the inhabitants of the nation. It includes two components: the part of the footprint that falls inside the country (internal water footprint) and the part of the water footprint that falls in other countries (external water footprint). To get an idea of the water footprint of consumption for your country or others, go the National Water Footprint Explorer.

To learn about the water footprint of production for your country or others, go to the Water Footprint Assessment tool. To calculate your own personal water footprint (of consumption) try the Personal water footprint calculator.

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Product gallery

It may surprise you how much water is used to produce the food you eat, your clothing and other products. Use the Product Gallery to find out the volume of water consumed to produce the goods we rely on everyday. These values are based on global averages over a 10-year period, which means the same product will have a different water footprint depending on where, when and how it was produced.

The Product Gallery helps you learn about which products are more water intensive, which are less and how polluting their production is.

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Personal water footprint calculator

They say – what you measure you can manage. Use the quick calculator to quantify your personal water footprint. It takes into account your habits, income and where you live. Once you know your score, think of ways in which you can change your consumption habits to reduce your water footprint by making use of the extended calculator. You can even build your own water footprint 'diet’ plan!

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