Water Footprint Research Alliance

The Water Footprint Research Alliance is an initiative established by Water Footprint Network and its partners in 2015 to advance research and facilitate collaboration in the field of Water Footprint Assessment and sustainable water use.

Co-ordinated by the Water Footprint Network, the alliance draws together researchers and expands knowledge on the drivers and consequences of water scarcity and pollution in order to transform the way we use and share fresh water within earth’s limits. It identifies knowledge gaps, co-ordinates and promotes areas of research and supports knowledge sharing.

The Water Footprint Network applies the results to advance the Water Footprint Assessment in order to provide companies, governments, small-scale producers and individuals with the most strategic insights into their water use and the most effective, practical advice to make their water footprint sustainable.

Our thanks to those partners that have supported us with setting up this initiative – University of Twente [Netherlands], University of Free State [South Africa], Beijing Forestry University [China], Northwest A&F University [China], and CEIGRAM [Spain].

Benefits of joining the Water Footprint Research Alliance

  • Recognition: High visibility as key research institutes in the field of WFA research
  • Potential funding: Collaboration in fundraising for joint projects. For example, for research funds requiring multiple partners from different regions, such as for Horizon 2020, or for WFA-related research topics that require shared advocacy as part of future funding calls with major donors
  • Visibility: Presentation of research, publications and data on Water Footprint Network’s website, through partner events and other communications channels
  • Strategic research direction: Contribution to a joint research agenda that supports WFN’s activities
  • Research outreach: Joint organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences. For example, at the annual World Water Week in Stockholm, the International Water Week in Amsterdam, IWRA conferences and the World Water Forums
  • Higher academic impact: Co-operation in special issues of scientific journals on Water Footprint Assessment
  • Knowledge exchange: PhD-Postdoc exchanges, guest research, webinars and other events to be part of future funding calls with major donors

Find out more here.

How to apply

Organisations can apply to become a member of Water Footprint Research Alliance by filling out the application form and submitting it to Water Footprint Network.

Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter and you will be included in the future activities of Water Footprint Research Alliance.

There is no fee to become a member of the Water Footprint Research Alliance but your organisation must be a partner of the Water Footprint Network. Find out more about becoming a partner here.

You can apply for both at the same time by submitting both the applications forms:

  • Please download the Water Footprint Research Alliance membership form here.
  • Please download Water Footprint Network partnership form here.

Please note that the Water Footprint Research Alliance only accepts organisations that are Water Footprint Network partners.