Join the Network

Achieving our vision of a world in which we share clean fresh water fairly amongst all people to sustain thriving communities and nature’s diversity is going to take a global community of committed organisations and dedicated individuals.

At the Water Footprint Network, we partner with organisations around the world to create a dynamic community devoted to learning from each other and sharing knowledge so that others can benefit from their experience. Our aim is to rapidly escalate our progress towards sustainable, efficient and equitable water use in river basins worldwide.

If the idea of living in a world in which water for people and for nature is in balance motivates you – where freshwater ecosystems flourish alongside vibrant communities – if you wish to convey to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren a world with enough clean water for all living things, then we encourage you to become a partner of the Water Footprint Network.

You will join other organisations from business, government, non-profit and international organisations, academia and consultancies that recognize the value of Water Footprint Assessment in solving the world’s water crises. You will join international leaders in the race to transform the way we use and share fresh water; leaders that support the Water Footprint Network as we drive action, build community and share knowledge. You will share in the benefits of our open source approach, where the change we can achieve is more valuable than a commercial gain.

Become a partner of the Water Footprint Network and help us realize our vision.


As a partner you will be able to participate in partner-only events that are held throughout the year. We invite partners to present in events we convene at regional and international conferences. We highlight projects we do with partners in our communications and presentations. And we provide opportunities for partners to exchange with each other.

We can jointly execute research, training activities and water footprint projects, share practical knowledge and expertise and get involved in open debates on critical issues related to Water Footprint Assessment and sustainable water management. Partners are listed on our website and they will receive regular updates on the activities of the Water Footprint Network and its partners.

Our partners

We have more than a hundred partners worldwide in three partnership categories: founding partners that established the Water Footprint Network; sponsoring partners that place a high value on what we do, actively support our mission and pay a higher annual fee; and regular partners that endorse our mission and support our activities.

How to apply

Organisations can apply to become a Water Footprint Network partner by filling out the application form and submitting it to Water Footprint Network. Once accepted, partners will receive an acceptance letter with an invoice for payment of the partnership fee.

All fees are used solely to support the core operational functions, working groups and projects carried out by the Water Footprint Network, in support of its mission. The Water Footprint Network is a fully non-profit organisation.

For details on partnership fees, please read the application form.

We only accept organisations as partners. If you are an individual and you would like to support the Water Footprint Network, please donate.