Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

This strategic plan will guide and shape our work until 2020. It sets out our aims, principles, plans and priorities as we work toward a world in which clean fresh water is shared fairly amongst all people to sustain thriving communities and nature’s diversity. Never before has the need to address the world’s water challenges been greater.

description The plan describes the unique contribution that Water Footprint Network will make in addressing these challenges by providing science-based, practical solutions and strategic insights to companies, governments and citizens.

Our work is built upon collaboration with others and this plan is an invitation to work with us. Together, we can transform the way we use and share fresh water within earth’s limits.

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Our aims

Our overall aim of fair and smart use of the world’s fresh water is underpinned by four specific aims that will determine our programmes of work over the next five years. Each aim has a dedicated delivery strategy.


The strategy describes how we will develop as an organisation to deliver our aims:

  • Evolve our funding model
  • Create teams dedicated to achieving each of our aims
  • Establish inclusive and representative governance

How the strategic plan was developed

This strategic plan was developed during the second half of 2015 through a consultative and collaborative process. We engaged a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in the future development of water footprint applications and the work of Water Footprint Network.

We are grateful to the C&A Foundation for its support in funding the development of this plan.

Read our Executive Director, Ruth Mathews’, blog post for more insight into the plan and its development.